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Hong marble Co., Ltd. in the Propaganda Department of the CPC Central Committee, Ministry of Culture, State Administration of Cultural Heritage, Ministry of Commerce, CPC Propaganda Department of Hebei Province, Hebei Provincial Department of Culture, Hebei Provincial Cultural Relics Bureau, Baoding People's Government and other relevant departments guidance With the support of the project, Quyang County People's Government approved the project and invested in the construction of "China Quyang International Sculpture Sculpture Exhibition Center" and "China Quyang Sculpture Museum." Inheritance and development of the national intangible cultural heritage - Quyang stone carving, revitalization of carving characteristics of economy, to create sculpture and cultural industries aircraft carrier.
Hong marble has strong planning and design capabilities, technical capabilities, model production capacity, processing capacity and construction capacity, occupy a leading position in the domestic industry. We have professional engraving equipment, mainly designing and producing art sculptures of domestic and foreign styles. The varieties are: human body art sculpture, animal sculpture, Buddha statues, indoor and outdoor decorative sculpture, landmark and memorial sculpture, urban sculpture, landscape sculpture, Wall and special-shaped stone processing. Have to undertake domestic and international city square, landscape, tourist attractions and other large-scale sculpture project ability.
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